Innovative solutions for
Casting processes and powder production
from a single source ...

We offer a wide range of systems for casting processes
with lost and continuous moulds, for the production of
first-class semi-finished products, for recycling and for
the production of high-quality metal powders:

• Compact vacuum-pressure casting systems MC series foruse
in  R&E as well as for casting the smallest
parts. Temp.  max  up to 2,000° C.

• Vacuum pressure casting systemsVC series
(plugrod principle)
with crucible volume of up to 25 l.
Up to 1,700°C.

• Vacuum-pressure casting systems
VT C-Series (tilt casting systems) forhighly melting
alloys such as steel, platinum or titanium.

• Continuous casting plants (CC/VCCseries) for the production of
high-quality strips, wires, pipes.
Also with vacuum function as well as with cutting,
sawing or  rewinding devices.

•  Granulation plants  andmicro-granulation plants
• Melting plants
and tipping furnaces
up to 12 l crucible volume

All Blue Power systems are equipped with self-developed
induction generators, with program control and with extensive
interfaces according to Industry 4.0 standard.
Numerous Blue Power-owned technologies ensure the best
possible results,such as the Blue Power vibration system.
B or sophisticated vacuum overpressurecontrolsfor optimized
mold filling and oxidation avoidance.

The fine casting has gotten competition. We support
you on the way to the future.
New manufacturing technologies should never be underestimated.
That's why we started developing powder digestion systems
and winds in the early days of additives manufacturing.
In this way, we can provide comprehensive advice to our
customers from the foundry industry who want to expand their
range and support them with innovative technology.

Since we know that powder quality is of fundamental importance
in all additive processes, we do not focus on individual additive
processes, but offer you the equipment with which you
can quickly and safely produce the optimal powder

Our AU series atomizers are optimized for smaller
batches and frequent changes of alloyor particle size without
cross-contamination and are characterized by short cycle
You can choose between production capacities of
1.5 l, 3.4 l, 12 l and 25 l.

Depending on the version andcrucible used, the AU systems are
suitable for alloys based on of Cu,Au, Ag, Sn, Fe,Co,
Ni, Pd, Pt and others such as e.B. Al (on request).

The melting takes place underprotective
gas/vacuum. High-precision temperature/process inflation
(also remotely controlled) ensures
reproducible and consistently high powder quality.

Our wind screeners (AC series )are designed for the economic
separation of metal powders into fine and coarse parts, whereby
the separation limitcan be defined almost at will.