Innovation, Values, Reliability

IVR develops and manufactures furnaces and systems for heat treatment,  electrical solutions for various industries, including an excellent after-sales service.
IVR has a long experience in the technical field and in the heat treatment processes. New employees could be tied to the company, who have a great experience in the field of energy saving,  cost analysis and resource conservation and environmental protection, which guarantee the company an additional professionalism in the production and delivery of first-class, high technological products.

With a view to continuous improvement, IVR attaches particular importance to the education and training of employees. Through constant training  of personnel in the field of research and development, we are able to convert the requirements of our customers into the latest technically high-quality solutions.

A major advantage that we can offer is the careful support of the project from the request phase to the commissioning of the plant. Each customer is looked after by competent contact persons in every technical area. Our organization was structured in such a way that we are at the same time in a close working relationship between end customers and our own internal project management, production. Therefore, we have the ability to analyze the individual needs and ensure a particularly short response time in meeting the requirements and achieving the goals. Particular attention is paid to compliance with the applicable regulations and environmental protection so that we can offer and realize excellent end products for our customers.

Our plants are suitable for performing various types of heat treatment, such as:

carbonating, hardening in salt, water, oil or polymer; Start- Glow and BG glow; Stretching; normalization; remunerated; Solution annealing; Carbonitor; Nitriding, white soldering, black soldering, etc.

Depending on the material and process, different types of equipment can be used.

Chamber furnaces for pre-carbonation, carbonation and hardening  with quenching in oil, salt or polymer;
Band furnaces  for tempering, carbonating and hardening  with quenching in oil, salt or polymer;
Band furnaces  for brazing with atmosphere, with or without muffle
band ovens  for sintering;
Gas nitriding systems  in horizontal or vertical design;
Shock furnaces;
Potted furnace systems  for carbonating,  carbonation  and pasting, with quenching in oil, salt or polymer;
Special furnaces/plants realized according to customer specifications;
Accessories  such as  endogas generators  gas or electro-heated.